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HYDROS 24-Hour Circulation System

Worry-Free Maintenance

HYDROS 24-hr circulation system is a great feature for any hot tub owner. This system works 24 hours a day, continuously cycling to keep the water clean and free from contaminants. This separate operation from the main pumps adds longevity to the equipment while constantly cleaning the water for a healthy and enjoyable soaking experience every time. HYDROS 24-hr circulation system is an essential addition to any hot tub, keeping your water clean and crystal clear.

HELIOS LED Illuminated Water Features

Underwater Light Show & Fountains

HELIOS LED Lighting System is the perfect addition to any hot tub experience. Featuring a variety of vibrant colors, this system allows users to enjoy the ambiance created by the underwater light show, illuminated jets and waterfall features. The HELIOS LED Lighting System provides a rainbow of colors, allowing users to set the perfect mood for any occasion. As an optional upgrade, it is the perfect way to enhance your hot tub experience.

Lighting and water features at night_edited_edited.jpg

BALBOA BP Spa Control Systems

The Ultimate Spa Control System

Balboa Spa Control Systems offer unparalleled system reliability and innovative engineering. Their patented M8® smart temperature and flow sensor technology ensures that your hot tub is heated to the ideal temperature and maintains optimal flow. This technology smoothly integrates with all of Balboa's accessories such as ControlMySpa™, allowing you to monitor, adjust and control your spa from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet. With Balboa's Spa Control Systems, you can be sure that you're getting the best hot tub experience possible.

ARCTIC ThermaLock Insulation

Thermal Radiant Barrier for Cabinet & Shell

ARCTIC ThermaLock Shell & Cabinet Insulation is the perfect addition to our hot tubs. It is a fully insulated system, surrounding both the shell and cabinet backing, that ensures spa plumbing is accessible for maintenance and service access. The hot tub shell is sprayed with 2.5cm of high density poly foam and cabinet panels are backed with 4cm of reflective barrier. Its advanced energy efficiency technology and warm air induction will help keep your hot tub running at its peak performance all year long. ARCTIC ThermaLock Insulation is designed to keep your hot tub warm and running efficiently, saving you time and money on maintenance.

Welded Stainless Steel Frame

LIFETIME Steel Frame Structure Warranty

Our welded stainless steel frame is built to last! Constructed with commercial grade stainless steel, this frame provides greater structural integrity than wood and has superior corrosion protection. Each frame is welded, not bolted together, creating a stronger support system. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a LIFETIME steel frame structure warranty on every hot tub model. The stainless steel frame is strong and durable, providing excellent support for your hot tub. With our stainless steel frame, you can be sure your hot tub will stand the test of time.

100% Sealed ABS Pedestal Base

Superior Equipment Protection

Our Solid ABS Pedestal Spa Base offers superior protection for your hot tub. It is 100% sealed from the elements and creates a barrier from rodents and pests, making it an ideal choice for outdoor installation. The high density ABS polymer ensures that it will maintain its integrity over time, providing reliable protection for years to come. With its reliable protection and lasting durability, you can trust that your hot tub is well protected.

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